Emersons Green Running Club operates within a COVID Secure environment. We have appointed a COVID Officer and undertaken a Risk Assessment with the aim of minimising the risk of transmission of COVID-19 within our training sessions. As such, we are permitted to host members-only groups of up to 12 runners with 1 Coach/Run Leader as an exception to the restrictions that were imposed on the number of people that are allowed to meet up from Monday 14th September 2020. Please refer to the government guidance on meeting with others safely (social distancing) on the GOV.UK website for more information. If you have any further comment, please email

Please click here for our Return to Club Activity Policy.

Neil Newman Club Chairman & COVID Officer.

The training schedule can be viewed in the Calendar. If you have any questions on the content of our training schedule, please email

Our Tuesday Loops are listed below. It helps us enormously if attendees familiarise themselves with the intended route for the night. Click the relevant route and mileage below to be taken to a map of the route on

 Route  Known As  Short Medium Long
 1  “Rodway” (Summer only)  3.55 miles  4.60 miles  5.75 miles
 2  “Kingswood Hills”  3.82 miles  4.68 miles  5.39 miles
 3  “Coxgrove” (Summer only)  3.60 miles  4.60 miles  5.97 miles
 4  “Lyde Green”  3.48 miles  4.47 miles  5.81 miles
 5  “Warmley Wander”  3.83 miles  5.10 miles  6.32 miles
 6  “Railway Path”  4.56 miles  5.10 miles  6.26 miles
 7  “Emersons”  3.40 miles  4.15 miles  5.60 miles
 8  “Turner’s Farm”  4.05 miles  4.90 miles  5.70 miles
 9  “Downend”  4.03 miles  5.00 miles  5.59 miles

At Emersons Green Running Club, we aim to provide a varied and interesting training programme.

Some Favourites


Starting as a group, runners sprint each time they reach a bridge and, on reaching the next bridge, they turn and gently jog back to the group. This repeats for a set time.
Great for: interval training, speed work and support for each other.

Progression Run

3-5 loops of a 1 mile circuit with the pace increasing for each loop.
Great for: 10K training

The Shortwood Switchback

A Kenyan Hills session on tarmac, we run up one side of hill and down the other then back to the start on the flat. Runners loop until the lead runner has completed a set number of loops whereupon the runner switches back completing the route in reverse; everyone the runner passes then switches back too.
Great for: Reinforcing good technique and developing stamina.

Hill or High Water

A longer run towards Bitterwell Lake for a pleasant summer evening. If you get all the way to the lake, choose between laps of the lake or hill repeats on Ram Hill.
Great for: all round fitness.

Out & Back

A 20 minute run in one direction. Runners then turn back and follow the same route home, aiming to return to the start point in under 20 minutes.
Great for: pacing, stamina and everyone finishing together.


Fartlek (Swedish for speed play) sprints of various distances.
Great for: speed, power and support for each other.

The Shortwood Switchback

A looped run through Shortwood taking in a hill with gentle ascent and descent. Lead runners complete four anti-clockwise loops of about a mile before switching back and running a third loop in reverse. Runners still running anti-clockwise loop back too when they meet runners coming back towards them.
Great for: Stamina, strength and everyone finishing close together.