We hope that all members and their families are well.
Let’s cut straight to the chase, Club Nights are back and they started again on 10th August 2020.
However, in following guidance from England Athletics, we are limited in how many athletes we can accommodate at any one time – One Run Leader can lead no more than 12 runners.
We are fortunate that we have 12 Run Leaders willing to look after you and we intend to offer three sessions on each of Monday, Tuesday and Thursday each week.
Please now spend a few minutes reading the “COVID-19 Return to Activity Policy“. The answers to most of your questions should contained within this document but here’s something to note:
“Bookings for each sub-group must be made in advance using the Club’s preferred booking system (currently Eventbrite). Bookings for each week (beginning on a Monday) will open on the preceding Friday at 7.00pm.”
We can therefore accommodate 108 of you each week.
To find our sessions easily on Eventbrite, search “Emersons” in location “Bristol” and your chosen date. If you have the Eventbrite App, you can readily see what bookings you have and you’ll get reminders accordingly. We don’t have shares in Eventbrite btw. 
Ok, you are armed and ready to run with us again. We are primed and ready for you. 


A copy of the COVID-19 Risk Assessment for reference.